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WILD Coolers are rotationally moulded as one-piece of LLDPE material (polyethylene), which means uniform wall thickness, thicker and stronger corners, and superior overall durability and insulation.

The frost lock is a freezer-level gasket circling the lid for maximum cold integrity. Your WILD Cooler has anchor latches made of heavy-duty rubber for near-indestructibility in any conditions. The army-style dual-haul handles are made of durable polyester roping.

The WILD Cooler’s 50mm thick walls and 75mm thick lid mean maximum insulation and ice retention. The fail-safe SS hinge is a double interlocking hinge system that will never break or fail, and the interlock lid system completely seals your cooler box, without any hyper-extension.

Secure-IT tie-down slots are moulded for strength and mean you can securely mount your cooler on your truck or boat. The contents of your cooler will always be secure with Jailbird locking points – no one and nothing gets through our pre-tested locking components!

The Tornado drain plug is leak-proof and designed for easy, rapid drainage. Your cooler’s Eagle-claw feet mean zero sliding and slipping due to its tight-grip material. There’s no need to remember your bottle opener as our stainless steel bottle opener, stored under the lid, is with you always. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll need the tape measure that’s also included.

Maximise Ice Retention in your WILD Cooler
A WILD Cooler, with its rotationally moulded construction, generous insulation in walls and lid, and freezer-quality sealing gasket, gives you remarkable insulating performance and ice retention. View our ice retention tips for more information.

Cleaning your WILD Cooler
First of all, clean your new cooler with soap and water prior to use. Soap and water is ideal for everyday cleaning as well. For tougher stains and odours, use a mixture of water and bleach (6:1 ratio) and scrub with a brush. Also, a high-pressure sprayer will clean even the most stubborn stains.


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