Nampo Trade Show


15 – 19 May 2017

We will be joining forces with 4×4 Mega World at this year’s Nampo Trade Show.

The NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show takes place in middle May and lasts four days. Visitors are able to take their time to view all sectors of the show from livestock to computers.

The practical demonstrations of implements and machinery are a unique feature and distinguish the NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show from any other agricultural show. It allows the farmer to view agricultural equipment on a comparative and non-competitive basis under full working conditions. 80 Hectares of land, cultivated with different crops, have been set aside for this purpose. Special arrangements for specific one-on-one demonstrations outside the normal programme times are possible.

Besides a special programme focusing on the needs of the farmer’s wife there is also a farm patents competition for farmers. Farmers who have invented or designed or adapted equipment to solve their own practical problems are invited to share these inventions with their fellow farmers. No patented products may be entered, but enticing prizes are offered, assuring a large number of entries in each of the different categories.

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