FlyCastaway Guide Q&A: Wesley De Klerk



How did you end up guiding at FCA?

I was fortunate to be in contact with Timothy Babich from school days – in fact I was his skivvy!  I had just returned from two years guiding along the Angola coast when I got chatting to Timmo. He mentioned there was a vacancy and I applied immediately. In no time I had received the contract and was jetting off to Farquhar for my first Seychelles guiding experience.

Where I am currently guiding and what makes it so special?

I am currently guiding on Providence Atoll which is the second largest atoll in the Seychelles to Aldabra. Owing to all the piracy issues many years ago, this atoll is relatively pristine as there has been very little fishing pressure over the last decade or so. Therefore the fishery is teaming with fish across all habitats. So within minutes, one can move from the flats to the inshore shallows to target Milkfish and from here you are literally in blue water to target species like Sailfish.

Of all the fish you have caught, which has been the most memorable?

The most memorable fish I have caught has to be the first Trigger Fish that I landed. I had pursued these fish at any opportunity I had and, up to this point, consider myself to be very unfortunate as I had lost countless Triggers because they were corralled, or bitten off, hooks straightened, hooks broken, you name it. When I eventually did get one to hand, the feeling of accomplishment was one that I won’t forget. Anyone that has targeted Triggers will probably know what I mean.

Would you say you have developed a unique set of skills in catching a particular species of fish, if so what species? Any tips you can share?

I don’t think I have developed a UNIQUE set of skills per say. There was a lot of ground work done prior to me arriving in Seychelles to target specific species. I have been fortunate to have guided with some of the best in the industry and have amalgamated what I have perceived to have been the best techniques and have used a combination of these to help me be a more successful guide. If there is a species that has recently got me all excited, it has to be the iconic Golden Kingfish. By learning certain techniques, I have been able to land a good number in previous seasons with clients. A good tip is to anticipate where the fish will feed, and cast the fly into those areas before the fish get there. As the fish arrive in that area, the first strip of a crab pattern is normally enough to entice the bite.

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