FlyCastaway Guide Q&A: Peter King



How did you end up guiding with FlyCastaway?

Firstly, I started to work with FlyCastaway as a chef on one of their exploratory trips when they were scouting Astove, Cosmoledo, Assumption and Providence atolls in Seychelles. That is where I got to know FlyCastaway. Then in 2014 they were looking for guides and I got in contact with them. I applied for the job as a guide and I was in the game.

Where are you currently guiding and what make this place so special?

I am currently guiding Farquhar Atoll in Seychelles. I like it because it is very tricky to fish the area and it makes the guiding more challenging.

Of all the fish you’ve caught, which has been the most memorable and why?

The most memorable fish I caught on fly was on Alphonse with Devan, the Fishing Manager. I was scouting the place with him and he left me on my own while he did his thing. I spotted a GT about 10 meters away sitting in a cut. I made the cast, I hooked the fish and landed it. I was so happy as it was my first GT on fly and I was on my own. It was a 92cm long GT.

Would you say you have developed a unique set of skills in catching a particular species of fish, if so what species? Any tips you can share?

I have develop a special skill in catching sailfish. Do not tease too far, let them eat the teaser, lift them up, bring them in. Then always make the cast on the side and behind the fish’s head. They will turn and eat.

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