FlyCastaway Guide Q&A: Matthieu Cosson

How did you end up guiding with FlyCastaway?

It was and still is a dream to guide for FCA and, after guiding in Seychelles waters since 2006, I sent my resume several times and in 2013 they hired me!

 Where are you currently guiding and what make this place so special?

I am currently guiding on both atolls of Farquhar and Providence in Seychelles. I am also the Head Guide on Farquhar. These two atolls are very unique because of their remoteness and due to the fact that humans are not on the top of the food chain there. The sharks remind you of this! The fishing is off the chart too with a myriad of species to target on fly!

 Of all the fish you’ve caught, which has been the most memorable and why?

That was back in late 2008, when I landed my first ever milkfish (Chanos chanos) guided by Serge Samson, an amazing Seychellois guide, during our day off. While fishing for milkfish, you really have to believe that one fish will eat that #2 green fly and you have to be precise and in control of your leader, line and all. Then the fight will open a door in your angler’s soul that you never thought existed before!

Two years ago, I was guiding two Canadian guests on Farquhar. We were targeting humphead parrotfish, most commonly known as bumpy. John Le Claire managed to hook properly in the scissor a monster of 1.15 meter long. The fight was incredible, we both had to swim between higher spots to keep the fish in control. Well, you think you are in control but surely you’re not until you have one of those beasts in the net… That’s if you don’t forget it in the boat!

 Would you say you have developed a unique set of skills in catching a particular species of fish, if so what species? Any tips you can share?

I don’t think I have developed any unique skills, as most of the strange or new species on the fly in the Seychelles waters have been deciphered prior to me fishing here. The bumpy is the species I love to guide or fish for the most, out of the hundreds you could target here. I would just say that I have maybe refined some tactics by watching their behaviours closely as individuals, as well as groups. The bumpies are very social fish with amazing communications skills. The presentation of the fly is the key as well as the approach of the school.

If I have one tip to share it would be to fish for them with flies that have double weed-guards, as you want to hook them properly. Would you take a picture of a 25 inch trout that you hooked on top of its head?

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