FlyCastaway Guide Q&A: Gerry Nourrice

How did you end up guiding with FlyCastaway?

A friend of mine recommended me to FlyCastaway Head Office two years ago.

Where are you currently guiding and what make this place so special?

I am guiding at Farquhar atoll in Seychelles and from all the other venues I guided previously in Seychelles the incredible diversity of species we have makes this venue a very special place. No other atolls in Seychelles give the guides and their guests such amazing experience in terms of fish and landscape.

Of all the fish you’ve caught, which has been the most memorable and why?

As a guide, the most memorable fish I’ve caught is my first milkfish I landed  in February 2016 on Farquhar atoll. The amazing thing about milkfish is that they jump like sailfish and are even stronger than GTs. These fish are truly a world apart from all the species we have in Seychelles waters.

Would you say you have developed a unique set of skills in catching a particular species of fish, if so what species? Any tips you can share?

Having only been guiding for three and a half years in the Seychelles, I haven’t yet developed one special skill for any particular species of fish. There are so many of them and you need to be guiding longer than that to be able to develop them, as every time you’re on the water you keep learning new things. Surely by accumulating knowledge, I will find some special tricks!


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